Free Online Coaching for School Board Exams

Tuition for school exams

​​Get ​Coached​ ​for Board Exams!

Enhance your subject knowledge through our easy to follow, ​engaging lessons & make a huge positive impact on your exam performance. We help you realise your higher education dreams by coaching you for the examinations.​ Whether you are following a CBSE curriculum or ICSE or a state board curriculum, we have an online tuition course for you.​

Secure Your Dream Marks!

Our teaching model is designed to improve your understanding of the subjects, significantly​,​ and to help you score the marks that you always dreamed of.

​​Highly Interactive Learning Environment!​​

No more dull lessons. Mind maps, mnemonics, cross-words, flash cards, tips, trick and strategies, motivational mails, success coaching, instant feedback on your test performance, etc. will ensure that you have a great learning experience.
Online interactive lessons

Study Plans & Reminders to Keep You Going!​​

We will share a study plan with you for each subject to help you stay on top of your subject preparation. Our gentle mails and SMSs will remind you of your study goals and alert you of exam milestones.

Anytime Anywhere Convenience!

We have made all our courses available 24/7. ​Login to our site​ ​at a time and place of your convenience and study.

Collaborate with Your Friends!

Our technology helps you to reach out to new friends far & wide. Talk to students of other schools in other cities and discuss your subject, ​challenge them or ​get their perspective and conquer your lessons.​​

Affordable Tuition Fees!​

Our courses are priced very low so that large number of students can benefit. You only pay Rs. 50 per month per subject.​​
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