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​​Get ​Coached​ ​for University Exams!

Master your subjects through our easy to follow, ​engaging lessons & make a huge positive impact on your education. We help you realise your higher education and career dreams by coaching you for the exam ​inations.​ Whether you are doing a full-time regular degree course or a part-time course or a distance education/correspondence course, we have an online coaching course for you.​

Secure Your Dream Job!

Employers select candidates on the basis of their university marks and subject knowledge. ​Our teaching model is designed to improve your understanding of the subjects, significantly​,​ ​ and to help you shine in the job interview.​

​Highly interactive Learning Environment!​

No more dull lessons. Mind maps, mnemonics, cross-words, flash cards, tips, trick and strategies, motivational mails, success coaching, instant feedback on your test performance, etc. will ensure that you have a great learning experience.

Study Plans & Reminders to Keep You Going!​

We will share a study plan with you for each subject to help you stay on top of your subject preparation. Our gentle mails and SMSs will remind you of your study goals and alert you of exam milestones.

Anytime anywhere convenience!

​We have made all our courses available 24/7. ​Login to our site​ ​at a time and place of your convenience and study.

Collaborate with Your Friends!

Our technology helps you to reach out to new friends far & wide. Talk to students of other colleges in other cities and discuss your subject, ​challenge them or ​get their perspective and conquer your lessons.​​

Affordable Tuition Fees!​

Arts, science, commerce and management​
Distance Education
Engineering, medical and other professional courses
per subject per month
Trusted by Students & Professionals for All Educational Needs.
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Our students love the anytime convenience, self-paced learning, easy-to-follow content, vibrant discussion forums, gamified environment, affordable pricing & lot more. We have received over 147000 course registrations for our various online courses so far. Don't you want to benefit too?
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"EduCentral's programme helped me gain one more qualification. My CV looks more attractive with EduCentral certificate. I believe this programme will help me do well in my career".
"A useful programme! Group assignments made it very interesting. Also, my college education did not get disturbed at all since I could study whenever it was convenient for me."
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"You receive a certificate after completing each subject and that was a good motivation. I liked the student support from EduCentral! I suggest one should do this programme to get good a good job."
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