Offer Your Students a Double Major, &

Expand Their Career Opportunities!

Now you can offer Double Major Programmes!

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Tuition--------------------- SecondMajor Programmes from EduCentral!

Your ​college can now offer double major programmes to the students. They are doing one now (college degree) and EduCentral can offer the other online. Our courses can be accessed anytime by your students.

Attract ​Talented ​Students​ by Offering Dual Certifications​ !

​Students are keen to maximise their time at college. If your college can offer double major to students, several of them with excellent academic track record would be interested in taking admission in your college.

Enhance Employability & Improve ​Your ​Placement ​Record!

Since your students can demonstrate knowledge in two areas, they also substantially improve their chances of getting hired at higher compensation levels.
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EduCentral SecondMajor Programmes for your Students!

Dual Degree College Courses

​Enhance ​Your ​​Students' ​Career ​Options ​with Industry-oriented Courses​!​

While you educate your students in one ​major, our ​online courses prepares them in one additional discipline concuurently. ​Your students ha ve ​more career ​choices thanks to the two majors .

Extend ​Value-added Programmes ​at ​No ​Extra ​Cost!

Without incurring any additional infrastructure costs you can now extend a double major. ​Neither do you have to appoint any faculty for the programme. Our courses are meant for self-study and our team will be available online to guide and ensure learning.

​Add-on courses at ​​​Zero tuition fees!

You can extend this programme to your students at absolutely no tuition fees. We have a nominal Assessment Fee between Rs. 200 - Rs. 400 per subject .
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Convenient & Effective Value-added Courses from EduCentral SecondMajor!

Concurrent College Degree

Anytime access​ for online courses​!

Your students can pursue our second major courses anytime anywhere. While some colleges integrate this programme in the timetable & allow use of college computers, some others encourage the students to pursue t he programme from their homes.

​Boost Student Morale with ​Progressive ​Certifications!

Your students receive a single-subject certificate for each subject, a Certificate for 3 subjects, a Diploma for 6 subjects before he/she completes the programme with a Graduate Diploma.​

Motivational ​Mails​ to help Your students Succeed in the SecondMajor​!

We will email success coaching emails to your students. These mails will keep your students focused on one ​objective - that of excelling in ​the second major​ course. Our daily mailers - explaining a concept a day - help students keep in touch with their learning.
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EduCentral SecondMajor that prepares Your Students for Careers!

College Add on Courses

​Industry-oriented Syllabus for the SecondMajor!

Our second major programmes are designed with inputs from industry leaders. This ensures that the curriculum is relevant to the employers hiring your students.

Graduate Diploma Programme Enhances Employability!

Your students are exposed to working in a team, taking up​ leadership roles, motivating ​class mates, getting things done and lot more.

EduCentral SecondMajor Trains Students for ​Success in ​Campus ​Placements!​

​We will train your students in resume writing, group discussion and interviews. We will ensure that your students put the best foot forward in the job hunt.
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Our students love the anytime convenience, self-paced learning, easy-to-follow content, vibrant discussion forums, gamified environment, affordable pricing & lot more. We have received over 147000 course registrations for our various online courses so far. Don't you want to benefit too?
"EduCentral's programme helped me gain one more qualification. My CV looks more attractive with EduCentral certificate. I believe this programme will help me do well in my career".- R. Tamanna
"A useful programme! Group assignments made it very interesting. Also, my college education did not get disturbed at all since I could study whenever it was convenient for me."- Vishal Vatsal
Dual Degree Programs
"You receive a certificate after completing each subject and that was a good motivation. I liked the student support from EduCentral! I suggest one should do this programme to get good a good job."- B Kamalapreetha
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