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Specialise in One More Major, and
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Double Major Advantage from Our Value-added Courses!

Double Degree

Maximise your post-college options!

Your post-degree career opportunities as well as your post-degree education options increase post this qualification!

Do a second major that best suits you!

While we offer a wide-range of second majors, we will suggest one that best suits your academic profile & your career interests and one that will give you a great launch to your career.

Make your profile more attractive!

Demonstrate knowledge in two significant areas by doing this programme. This programme will give you a clear advantage in placement interviews.

Our SecondMajor Concurrent Courses Work Wonders!

Dual Degree Courses

Enjoy the anytime convenience!

Access your courses whenever you have the time & study.

Experience engaging content!

Our discussion forums, activities, projects, case studies and lot more will keep you engaged all through.

Benefit at extremely competitive fee!


Career Success from our Industry-oriented Courses!

Concurrent Degree

Earn a Certificate that the Industry Values!

Our second major programmes are designed with inputs from industry leaders to ensure what you study is relevant to the employer hiring you.

Prepare for the real world through our project work!

You will learn to work in a team,take leadership roles, motivate fellow members, get things done and lot more.

Prepare for placement!

We will train you in resume writing, group discussion and interviews. We will ensure that you put your best foot forward when you meet your prospective employers!

Pursue a Concurrent Diploma that Does a Lot More!

Add on Courses

Receive small doses of knowledge in your inbox!

Our daily mailer will explain one new concept every day. Whether you come online or not, you will still be learning.

Build your ​professional ​network!

You get to interact with other students on our discussion forum. Make new friends & expand your connections significantly.

Succeed with the help of our Student Success Team​!​

Our team will help you succeed with reminders, motivational mails, and success coaching mailers.
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Our students love the anytime convenience, self-paced learning, easy-to-follow content, vibrant discussion forums, gamified environment, affordable pricing & lot more. We have received over 147000 course registrations for our various online courses so far. Don't you want to benefit too?
"EduCentral's programme helped me gain one more qualification. My CV looks more attractive with EduCentral certificate. I believe this programme will help me do well in my career".- R. Tamanna
"A useful programme! Group assignments made it very interesting. Also, my college education did not get disturbed at all since I could study whenever it was convenient for me."- Vishal Vatsal
Dual Degree Programs
"You receive a certificate after completing each subject and that was a good motivation. I liked the student support from EduCentral! I suggest one should do this programme to get good a good job."- B Kamalapreetha
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