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Talent shortage is the biggest economic problem the world faces today. The organisations that are likely to succeed are the ones that win the ‘war for talent’. India faces a huge talent shortage. With the demographic dividend that India possesses, India has the potential to solve the worlds’ talent problem. Paradoxically, only a fraction of our graduates are employable. Thus, Indian companies face a double whammy! - huge talent shortage and not enough graduates who can be hired. Even for graduates who do get their first jobs, companies end up spending a lot of money on training before deploying them on projects and continue to face the problem of engaging them and developing a leadership pipeline.

The solutions available today are one-size-fits-all, short-term skill development programmes that are held in campuses- these are expensive, inconvenient and have largely proved ineffective. There are a few employment assessment companies that usually represent the hiring companies that screen students on behalf of the employers. But they do not address the problem of employability.

But with the current trend in India of everything going online, and the ubiquity of smart phones among the young population, EduCentral has come out with a solution that actually works.

We believe that employability and long-term career success require an intensive and a comprehensive learning intervention that starts early. Students need to learn the English language, acquire knowledge in specific job-oriented verticals, learn the skills required for specific job profiles and get the certification that industry will recognise, prepare for the various aptitude tests that employers often make them go through, improve their self-confidence and learn how to face interviews successfully!

EduCentral has developed a cutting-edge, effective, comprehensive suite of online courses and placement solutions that are affordable and address the above-mentioned talent development needs of students and working professionals completely.
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