What are model tests?
Model tests or mock tests are the best way to prepare for a competitive exam that you are going to take in the near future. Model tests tell you where you stand since they are designed exactly like the actual test in terms of difficulty level and other test conditions.
How are model tests different from practice tests?
The purpose of practice tests is to increase your understanding of concepts. The difficulty level of the practice tests may not be the same as the actual exam and hence you don’t get to know where you stand exactly with respect to the actual test. Practice tests are certainly useful, particularly in the early stages of preparation.
Why should I take model tests?
You should take model tests before the actual competitive exam to get into the groove and get a simulated experience of the actual test so that you will feel quite comfortable during the actual test since you have already taken model tests at the same difficulty level and time allowed per question.
Is a single model test useful or I should take a series of tests?
A single model test will tell you where you stand. But if you want leave nothing to chance, it makes a lot of sense to take up a series of tests to get yourself familiarised with the test pattern, the time allowed per question and the difficulty level of questions in the various sections of the test so that you will feel absolutely comfortable and can think on your feet without getting nervous. EduCentral offers a set of 5 tests and 10 tests that you can take depending on the number of days available before the actual test.
How do you design the model test papers?
We take a lot of care in setting up the model test papers. Instead of using generic questions, the questions are set specially for a given competitive exam based on the past questions and the trends in the recent years.
When should I take the model tests?
Your strategy depends on the time available till the actual exam. If you are starting quite early, you should take a single model test and get feedback on where you stand exactly so that you can tailor your preparation accordingly. Once you start preparing, you should take at least one test every month to keep recalibrating where you stand and consolidate your learning.
One month before the actual exam, it makes sense to have at least 10 model tests before the exam just to get into the exam groove and remove all your fear and nervousness that you may experience during the actual exam. In fact, our test series helps you prepare in this fashion to ensure success.
What other benefits do I get if I sign up for your model tests?
Once you sign up for our model test, you can download our informative e-book titled, ‘Ultimate Guide’ specific to a given competitive exam. This e-book contains the question paper pattern, the syllabus for each section and example questions for each section with answers.
You also will start receiving our daily email newsletter that contains a question from each section of the given exam. Also, you will get alerts for competitive exams that are similar to the one you have registered for.
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