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EduCentral ModelTests offers model tests or mock tests for a wide range of competitive exams. The model tests are offered online and simulate the actual exam in terms of the level of difficulty, the duration allowed per question and the pattern of exam.

EduCentral Model Tests help students get into the groove, and face competitive exams with confidence. We have options for a single test, set of 5 tests, set of 10 tests and a test series with unlimited tests, depending on how much time you have before your actual exam.

Our model tests are extremely competitively priced and can be taken on any device. Another division of EduCentral offers comprehensive coaching for wide variety of competitive exams.

EduCentral ModelTests is part of EduCentral - ​a​ ​destination for you to ​ ​​l​earn ​anything in a ​smart, ​fun and a ​convenient ​way. We have received over 90,000 course registration s ​​so far for our various courses - a fact that bears ​testimony to the acceptance and success of our online courses.
We are a team of IT and Management professionals, led by an IIM alumnus. Our proprietary teaching-learning methodology is software drive​and we believe​​that​ ​​​our approach will revolutionise learning.

We deliver what is most important in a ​ ​simple,​ easy to follow​ ​and concise manner. ​Our teaching method not only ensures effective learning but also enhances the ability in our students to recall what is learnt instantly.

Our learning analytics​ helps students track their progress, strong and weak areas, performance and take appropriate corrective measures. ​​Our ​courses are flexible and can be accessed anytime of the day and from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop). Our learning team actively manages and guides the learning process.

We have an ​​amazing range of online courses​ ​for everyone.

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Our students love the anytime convenience, self-paced learning, easy-to-follow content, vibrant discussion forums, gamified environment, affordable pricing & lot more. We have received over 146000 course registrations for our various online courses so far, accross various disciplines. Don't you want to benefit too?
"EduCentral's programme helped me gain one more qualification. My CV looks more attractive with EduCentral certificate. I believe this programme will help me do well in my career." - R. Tamanna
"A useful programme! Group assignments made it very interesting. Also, my college education did not get disturbed at all since I could study whenever it was convenient for me." - Vishal Vatsal
"You receive a certificate after completing each subject and that was a good motivation. I liked the student support from EduCentral! I suggest one should do this programme to get good a good job."- B Kamalapreetha