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EduCentral extends the e-learning infrastructure for you to offer online courses, at absolutely zero cost. Now your students can access their lessons 24/7. Teachers upload learning material for students to study, discuss & collaborate online.

Hassle-free Cloud Campus!

We will take care of server management, database management, instructional design, learning analytics, course hosting & maintenance. You will not have any technical issues to worry about!
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Cloud Campus

Improve your ranking with the accreditation agencies!

Online learning is the next big innovation in education. Your ratings will go up several times once you leverage online learning to super-charge your teaching and learning effectiveness, increase student engagement, streamline your administrative processes and improve your overall reputation as a modern educational institution.

Take the Hassle Out of Internal Assessments!

Our online assessment can simplify your internal assessment process. Your faculty can conduct multiple tests and save time and effort and get score reports ready to be sent to the Controller of Examinations right away! This will free your faculty from routine, boring admin tasks so that they can spend time effectively with your students.

Improve student engagement!

You can provide learning materials to your students anytime. You can keep the lines of communication open with your students 24/7. You can make important announcements, despatch reminders and even send out inspiring messages to keep them motivated to learn!
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Super-charge Your Teaching and Learning Effectiveness!

Cloud Campus

Flip your classes!

Your students can learn the basic concepts online and your faculty can utilise the class hours to explain difficult concepts, refresh important concepts and give students time to discuss and debate!

Engage the entire class with online discussions!

You can assign topics for students to discuss online. Everyone, even the most reticent students, can participate in the discussions for an unlimited time! And you can control the direction of the discussion, introduce new threads and even evaluate students based on participation.

Simplify student assignments!

Your teachers can create a wide variety of assignments and upload them online for students to read or download and the student responses can be submitted online. This saves all the paper work and time and energy for both students and faculty.
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Plans and Pricing

Elearning Infrastructure
The college pays absolutely nothing for the infrastructure. We will extend the e-learning campus free to the college. Each student pays a nominal access charge only.
E-Learning 20/-
per subject per month

* Service Tax 12.36% extra
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