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MaxValue English course for success in school & college!

The medium of instruction is English in most institutions. MaxValue's English courses lays a strong foundation in the language and helps your son/daughter understand class lectures, participate in discussions and perform in the exams successfully.

Research work for assignments/projects become easy!

Good understanding of English grammar and commonly used words, phrases, idioms are important for your son/daughter to comprehend the language. MaxValue's improves the reading comprehension skills that helps your son/daughter carry out research for assignments and projects, independently.

Building a network of friends a breeze!

Students tend to interact less with outsiders worried that their poor language skills will get exposed. Our courses improve listening and spoken English skills & our lessons in English phrases, idioms, grammar usage helps students converse in common professional and social settings effectively.
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Strong English skills to excel in placement tests!

​Your son/daughter need to master the language to secure the best job. Placement exams test student's English aptitude, reasoning ability and reading comprehension skills. Our courses will address these areas and ensure that your son/daughter excels in the tests.

Help you son/daughter shine in the job interview!

​Our English courses improve your son's/daughter's fluency in the English language. They can participate in group discussions, successfully. When called for personal interviews, our English training helps your son/daughter sound confident, professional and impressive.

A convenient way to study English language!

Our courses are available online & courses can also be accessed on tablets and smart phones. Students can log-in anytime & study.

And an affordable way as well!

Students can start with our Basic Level course at Rs. 100 per month only!. This level will teach the fundamentals of the English language. Students can move to the higher levels on mastering the basics.
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You can see the progress in the MaxValue course!

Your son/daughter permitting, you will be able to see the progress of your children and their performance in the tests.

Receive reminders & notifications!

We will email you a copy of the reminders, alerts and notifications that your children receive. This will help you guide your son/daughter if and when required.
Discover a great way to learn. Study on your mobile device.
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Master​ management fundamentals, gain leadership knowledge, ​acquire​ industry​-specific education and lot more​, all while commuting to work and back. ​You can also access our courses while waiting for a meeting to begin, at the airport departure lounge, during travel and in several other contexts that require you to be on the move. ​​Prepare for a great career, promotions and better jobs, ​by learning from your mobile device.

Learn from our bite-sized lessons, crisp videos, audio notes designed for convenient mobile learning. Collaborate, share and post right from your mobile phone, from wherever you are. Practice what you have learnt using crosswords, flashcards and other gaming elements that work seamlessly across multiple mobile gadgets. Discover mobile learning the way that only MaxValue can offer!
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