FAQ Business English
How different is an online programme from a regular classroom programme?
In an online programme all your learning happens completely online. Your assessment also happens completely online. While classroom programmes offer students time for discussion in person, online programmes use internet-based learning tools, discussion forums, learning analytics, instant feedback, online activities, audio and video lessons and lot more to improve learning effectiveness.
Is an Online programme as effective as attending a classroom programme?
Yes! We would say it is even more effective than attending classes in campus. Unlike in a classroom where it is possible for students to passively receive information, in an online classroom, one has to actively participate in the process. Active participation results in better learning. In addition, because the learner controls the pace, the time of study and the intensity of work, learning is more effective. Unlike in the regular class room where the faculty has no idea if the students are learning (till an examination is conducted), the analytics software tells the student how well he/she is performing and hence self-correction is possible. The other advantage is that audio and video lessons can be listened to again and again. Apart from this, the student can participate in discussion forums where hundreds of students come from different industries and locations unlike the regular classroom programmes where the interaction is only with a given set of students from the same city or town. Several qualifications such as CA, ICWA and ACS are respected by employers in spite of the fact that they are earned without attending any face to face classes.
How is a EduCentral programme more effective?
The curriculum offered by EduCentral is academically rigorous and industry relevant. EduCen