Business English for Your Employees!

Speaking English

Promote innovation & productivity!

Breakthrough ideas are lost when expressed by poor communicators. Ensure that your employees have a great command over the language ​& encourage innovation​ & help increase ​productivity ​in your company.

Succeed in the globalised business environment!

Businesses today are without borders and English is the operating language. Power your employees to interact with international clients by ​strengthening their English​ communication skills​ Yes, we are interested.
How to Speak English Fluently

English more important in the digital age!

In the age of email communications, video conferencing, virtual collaborations​,​ instant messaging & social media interactions, English is the lingua franca. Research shows an increase of 44% in sales and 45% in customer satisfaction thanks to improved English skills of employees.

Create a Business English learning environment!

Learning experts recommend 70% on the job learning, 20% informal learning and 10% formal learning. The payoffs for your ​company are immense. Thanks to great business English communicators in your team you could see ​an ​increase in lifetime value of customers, total revenue and total profits.
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