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What is EduCentral Assessments?
EduCentral Assessment is an online portal for employability assessment tests. EduCentral Assessment is a division of EduCentral Learning, an online education company offering online courses for employability and career success.
What is the service offered by EduCentral Assessments?
EduCentral Assessment offers online employability aptitude tests. EduCentral Eligibility Tests (MET) are currently offered to Engineering, IT, MBA students and to students of other disciplines. The detailed test feedback provided by EduCentral Assessments will help students identify their strong and weak areas and help them take corrective measures to improve their knowledge levels.
How much does the test cost?
EduCentral extends the online assessment tests free to college students. Students are not charged for the feedback report as well.
How many times can I take the test?
There is no restriction on the number of times you can take the EduCentral Eligibility Test. You can take the test multiple times and at zero cost.
Will the test be sent to any employer?
Presently, the test report is shared only with you. If you take this test through your college, then your college would receive your performance report as well. In the future, we will be able to forward your reports to employers. Employers will then be able to select candidates based on the performance in the EduCentral Eligibility Test.
What are you testing me on? / What are the sections in the test?
EduCentral Eligibility Test will test your employability aptitude. We have three tests currently: Engineering/IT Aptitude, MBA Aptitude and General Aptitude. You will be tested on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and English Language. Engineering/IT students will additionally be tested on their Technical Aptitude. Arts, Science and Commerce students and students taking General Aptitude Tests will additionally attempt questions on Computer Awareness and General Awareness sections. MBA students will be required to attempt the General Business Knowledge as well.
What is the duration of the test?
The duration for the EduCentral Employability Test is 60 minutes. You will answer 80 questions in this time period.
Do I have to visit an assessment centre?
No, you don't have to visit an assessment centre. You can take our tests online.
What type of feedback will I get after the test?
You will receive a detailed report from us immediately after the test. Here you will be able to see your performance in each section of the test as well as in the sub-topics of each section.
Will I get a printed copy of the feedback?
We do not send printed feedback report. You will be able to download the report instantly.
Will the feedback suggest any corrective measures for me?
Yes, we will suggest areas that will need you to improve. EduCentral courses that are free or tuition-free will be recommended.
How does this test help me?
This EduCentral Eligibility Test is designed as per the tests conducted by most employers. Taking this test early on will give you ample time to work on your weakness and get competitive much before you are required to take the campus placement tests.
Will you get me a job?
We do have a job portal where your profile can get posted if you desire. Employer visiting our portal will be able to view your profile and if they find your profile interesting then they would get in touch with you.
If I take this test, will I get a job?
EduCentral Eligibility Test by itself does not get you a job. However, it does tell you exactly if you are employable. If you are employable, employers may choose to employ you. If the employability assessment feedback indicates that you may not be employable, then you may have to work on the weak areas (based on the feedback report that we give) and thus improve your employability and therefore your chances to secure a job.
Should I be in the final year to be eligible to take the employability test?
You can certainly take the test if you are in the final year. However, we strongly suggest that you take the test even if you are in the first year or second/pre-final year. You should look at the EduCentral Eligibility Test also as a diagnostic test. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses early means that you would have ample time to take corrective steps. You will be able to secure that dream job when your knowledge levels are outstanding.
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