Is Your​ Son/Daughter Employable?

​The First Step Employability of Your Son/Daughter!​

Online Employability Test

The EduCentral Employability ​Tests​ ​are Available ​Online!

​You could ask your son/daughter to take our aptitude assessment ​​​test online. We have specialised employability tests for Engineer​ing​, IT, MBA students. Commerce, Science, ​Arts ​students ​and ​students ​of other disciplines​ can take our General Aptitude Test.​​

Our Employability​ ​Aptitude Tests ​for ​are ​FREE & ​​UNLIMITED!

​Our employability tests & the ​feedback ​are extended to college students for free. ​Students can ​​​​​t​ake the tests ​multiple number of times​ - and ​we will ​​always​ ​extend it free​ to the ​students!​​​

​I Year ​​Students ​Can also Take the Employability Test!

I ​& II year students ​​​can also take the employability test not just the final​ & ​pre-final year students. ​​You​r son/daughter ​will have ​more time to improve ​their knowledge​ levels​. ​​Our free, tuition-free, low fee courses could come in handy.
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How Can You Help Your Son/Daughter with Our Assessment Test?​

Assessment Test Feedback

Register for the EduCentral Eligibility Test on Behalf of Your ​Son/Daughter

​You can provide us the name and other details of your son/daughter and we will send him/her the access to take the test and keep you in the loop.​​​

​You Receive ​​a Copy of the Test Feedback​​, Instantly​!

​Students taking our test will receive instant feedback​ from us on their performance​. Additionally, we will share a copy of the report with you as well​ -- provided your son/daughter authorises us to do so​.

Encourage Your Son/Daughter to Take Corrective Steps!

Our feedback report will reflect a student's aptitude in specific areas. You could help your son/daughter to understand the assessment feedback report and identify additional courses that could bridge the gap.
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