Are You​r​ Students Employable?

Most Reliable Way to Know Your Students' Employability!

Online Employability Test For College Students

The EduCentral Employability ​Tests​​ ​are Available ​Online​ for Your Students​!

​Our online aptitude assessment ​is customised for Engineer, IT, MBA​, Commerce, Science​, ​Arts ​and ​students ​of other disciplines.​ Our aptitude test se​rves as the first step to enhance employability of your students!

​​Our ​Employability Tests ​for ​are ​FREE & ​​UNLIMITED!

​You can ​extend our employability tests & receive the ​consolidated ​feedback at zero cost​ to the college​. ​Your students can ​​​​​t​ake the tests ​multiple number of times​ - and ​we will​ ​always ​extend it free​ to the college​​!

The College Receive​​s ​a ​Consolidated Aptitude Test Feedback​​​!

​W​hile your students receive instant feedback on their performance, we will additionally share a consolidated aptitude test report with the college. Based on the feedback, you will be able to pin-point the areas where each student of yours is either weak or strong. This information will help you take appropriate corrective measures.
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Assessment Test Feedback For College Students

Improve Your Placement Record!

The student-wise aptitude feedback that you receive from us helps you plan additional interventions required for each student.

Your students put up an impressive performance in campus drives thanks to the corrective measures taken by the college. And that leads to better fresher jobs and better annual salaries for your students and better placement record for the college!

You Can Extend the Employment Aptitude Test ​to I Year ​Students as Well!

​We suggest ​that ​you ​extend the tests ​to the I ​students as well​ - not just the final,pre-final year students.​ ​You ​will have ​more time to improve ​their knowledge ​ levels​. ​​Our free, tuition-free, low fee courses could come in handy.

Your Students Can Take the ​Aptitude Test on their Mobile​​!

While the tests can ​be taken on the desktop or laptop computers, your students can also take the tests on their mobile device such as tablet​s​ or smart phones.
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