Make Your Students Employable!

Free Coaching for Campus Recruitment Tests!

Free Online Coaching for Campus Recruitment Tests!

Student Goal

Improve your placement record!

A good placement record helps you attract meritorious students, helps in the accreditation process and improves your overall reputation as an academic institution. More importantly, it helps you fulfil the promise of bettering the career prospects of students who have placed their trust in you!

Start early and start right!

Build a solid foundation for a great placement record by starting your employability initiatives right from the day a student walks into your college! Since we have no upper limit on the number of students for this programme, you can include all your students, right from the first to the final year!

Benefit from our employability analytics!

Leverage our analytics and reports that help you keep a hawk's eye on the employability status of your entire student population as they move through the first to the final year. Identify which students are at risk and take swift remedial actions and super-charge your placement stats!

Comprehensive Employability Training for Your Students at Their Pace and Convenience!

Job Readiness

What does this programme cover?

This 100-hour, completely online programme provides coaching in the following sections: Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Computer Fundamentals, General Studies and Technical/Management aptitude. The programme is customised for arts and science, engineering, agri and allied sciences and management students.

How does it work?

Your students will enjoy the convenience of self-paced learning, engaging content, large number of practice tests with instant feedback and a lot more.During the course of this programme, your students will brush up the basic concepts, check their understanding, share their learning in the discussion forum and take practice tests. In addition, your students will receive 'Daily Dose', a daily email newsletter that will contain a question from each section of CRT and our weekly motivational newsletter, Monday Mantra.

Anytime-anywhere online convenience.

Your students can access this course with just an internet connection at their own convenience either from your lab or from the convenience of their homes or a browsing centre or from their mobile phones! And it doesn't disturb your regular class time-table.

Free E-books for Competitive Exams!


All that your students want to know about any competitive exam!

These e-books, titled EduCentral Guides, start with an introduction to the test and explain the test pattern, the different sections in the test with the number of questions, marks allotted for each section and the time limits. These books also have a large number of sample questions for each section with the answer keys. There is also a detailed FAQ that answers all the questions your students might have about the exam.

Large resource library of e-books!

EduCentral offers free e-books for a wide range of competitive exams- both for higher studies and recruitment. MBA admission tests (CAT, XAT, MAT), GATE, study abroad tests such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS; recruitment exams such as IBPS PO, Civil Services, State government exams (TNPSC, TNTET, VAO), PSUs and government departments such as the Railways and so on.

Take the First Step Towards Your Students' Employability for Free!

Career Goals

Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your students.

Your students can take the EduCentral Employability Test for free and get individualized feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and tips to improve their test performance! You will also get a class-wise analysis to help you prepare them better.

Any-where, any-time and any device!

Employability test can be taken at anytime and anywhere and from any device.

Take advantage of multiple attempts!

Your students can repeat the tests every year till they pass out and the tests will always be free!

It's never too early!

Get your students assessed for employability even if they are in the 2nd year or the pre-final year. Getting students assessed early will give you more time to improve their test performance and hence dramatically improve your placement record.

Free EduCentral English Language Test!

Human Resource

English language proficiency is critical for the employability of your students.

Most campus recruitment tests have an English section. Several students fail to score well in the logical reasoning and technical aptitude sections because they don't understand the questions in English. English skills are critical for performance in group discussions and personal interviews. Also, students with better English skills come across as confident and self-assured throughout the recruitment process.

What is EduCentral English Language Test?

This is a free, one-hour, online test that your students can take from your computer labs. This test evaluates students for skills in basic English grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The detailed feedback from this test will help you plan remedial training for your students. Since we have no upper limit on the number of test-takers, all your students can benefit from the test.

Help your students succeed in their careers!

This is an opportunity for you to take the first step towards the employability and long-term career success of your students.Offer the EduCentral English Language Test to your students and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses well in advance and help them prepare for the campus recruitment early!

Offer Your Students a Double Major, & Expand Their Career Opportunities!

Concurrent Degree

SecondMajor Programmes from EduCentral!

Your ​college can now offer double major programmes to the students. They are doing one now (college degree) and EduCentral can offer the other online. Our courses can be accessed anytime by your students.

Attract ​Talented ​Students​ by Offering Dual Certifications​!

Students are keen to maximise their time at college. If your college can offer double major to students, several of them with excellent academic track record would be interested in taking admission in your college.

Enhance Employability & Improve ​Your ​Placement ​Record!

Since your students can demonstrate knowledge in two areas, they also substantially improve their chances of getting hired at higher compensation levels.
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